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Our Services

Our admissions services provide students and families with the insight, preparation, and skills necessary to successfully navigate the college admissions process.


Our neurological and psychological analyses allow our students to better understand themselves, and together we are able to craft more successful strategies for succeeding not just in school and in the admissions process, but in living a healthy, fulfilling life. 

End-to-End Navigation Through the Entire Admissions Process

Family Admissions Conferences

We will cover admissions planning and the application timeline, and help families discover schools that suit students’ interests and personalities. We will also discuss how to apply for scholarships and financial aid. Available to high school students, transfer students, and advanced degree applicants.

Application Workshops

Weekly 3-hour workshops from August - December with our experts. Learn best practices for essay-writing, fine-tune your submissions, and ensure all additional aspects of your applications are perfected, including your resume. Available to high school student, transfer students, and advanced degree applicants.

Non-Essay Admissions Material Assistance

Receive advice on who to obtain letters of recommendation from, how to properly complete the Activities section of the Common Application, and receive assistance with any other non-essay sections of admissions applications. Open to high school juniors and seniors, transfer students, and advanced degree applicants. 

1:1 College Counseling

Discuss your college list and learn about specific programs that may especially appeal to you given your interests. Learn how competitive of an applicant you are, and what you can do to stand out. Review your resume in detail. Develop overall essay themes as you define the stories you want to tell about yourself. 


Available to high school students, transfer students, and advanced degree applicants, including professional school (law school, medical school), graduate programs, and PhD programs.

1:1 Essay Guidance

Work with our highly experienced college counselors to perfect your admissions essays at any stage in the writing process. Become a more adept writer as you learn to express your goals, values, and strengths in the context of your unique personal narrative. Open to high school juniors and seniors, transfer students, and advanced degree applicants.

Transfer Applications

We work with undergraduate students seeking to transfer. We offer end-to-end support and boast a 100% transfer rate into USC and the UC schools. Receive expert guidance with all aspects of applications, including essays.

Neurological and Psychological Examinations and Analysis

Neuroaptitude Test

Our most popular test, designed to elucidate an individual’s decision-making process based on brain structure. Our expert analysis of the results helps students determine college majors, cognitive specialties, passion projects, and much more. This test is ideal for 10th–12th graders, but offers insight to anyone who wants to better understand their brain. 

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

 The MMPI allows students, their families, and our licensed neuropsychologist to understand if students are facing any mental health or other clinical issues. The MMPI focuses on personality traits and psychopathology, and is particularly helpful as a first step for helping students who struggle with previously undiagnosed problems. We administer the MMPI to students who are in 5th grade and beyond. 

Strengths Test

 With this test, we can discern an individual’s predisposition towards a variety of skills and abilities. Often, some previously unexplored areas are identified as potential strengths. Using the analysis of this test, we are able to help students become better learners and higher achievers. We usually administer this test earlier in a student’s academic career—7th to 10th grade— in order to help students identify potential, but the test is suited for students of any age as well as adults.   

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