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College Students

About A1 CC

A1 CC empowers students to earn admission to the best colleges in the country.

Our highly successful program was developed by our team of experts from exceptional universities


Expert Guidance

We help families navigate the entire admissions process. Our team attended top-ranked colleges and universities themselves—including Columbia, Stanford, and Harvard—and have years of experience helping students successfully apply to competitive schools.


Consistent Results

96% of students we work with are accepted into top-50 national universities or top-50 national liberal arts colleges

And 41% are accepted into top-25 national universities or top-25 national liberal arts colleges.

We leverage neuroscience to foster holistic student development.


Applied Neuropsychology

We tailor our services based on each individual student’s brain structure and aptitude. Our director—a licensed neuropsychologist—conducts neurological and psychological examinations in order to help A1, students, and their families better understand executive functioning, natural strengths, and personality traits. 


Holistic Development

We help students identify and pursue research, internship, and leadership opportunities so they can realize their potential and stand out as competitive applicants.

More About A1 CC

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