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At A1 Educate,

Empowering Students for Lifelong Learning

Tailored Education for Unique Journeys

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2023 - 2024
A1 Educate 

대입 합격 리스트

Alex K. - New York University

Harjaisal S.- MIT, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University

Grace K. - Georgetown University

Katie H. - Yale University

Ellis C. - MIT

Nathan L. - Northwestern University

S. A. - Case Western University

S.K. - Cornell, Vanderbilt, UC Berkley, Boston College, Boston University , Babson, UCLA

S.S - UC Irvine, UC San Diego

S.M. - St. Lawrence Univ- 80k scholarship

S.L. -Case Western w/ scholarship $45,500 per year for 8 semesters

Joanne L - Vanderbilt

*4/1/2024 최신 업데이트 

A1's Mission

Discover education reimagined at A1 College Prep. We're on a mission to empower students through tailored learning, respecting individual skills and styles. Our holistic approach, dedicated educators, and strong ties with admissions ensure a unique academic journey. Let's shape your success story together.

Start Your Academic Journey at A1

At A1 College Prep, we don't just offer programs; we provide transformative experiences that spark your academic journey. Here's a glimpse of how we ignite your potential.

SAT Prep

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive SAT preparation program. Tailored to address the specific needs of each student, our SAT Prep goes beyond test-taking strategies to enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

AP and Private Tutoring

Prepare for success in Advanced Placement (AP) programs with our dedicated courses. Our time-tested methods emphasize daily review, ensuring understanding and comprehension that lasts.

ACT Prep

Elevate your academic journey with our ACT preparation program. Dive into a curriculum designed to explore and develop essential skills offered in top universities' liberal arts programs.

Summer Acceleration

Maximize your summer with our intensive classes. From high-scoring student sessions to AP and college-level courses, our summer programs offer a head start and a competitive edge.

Hear What Others Say About A1 

Discover the impact of A1 College Prep through the words of our students, parents, and alumni. Read their testimonials to gain insights into the transformative experiences and success stories that have shaped their academic journeys.

"Everyone is so close here. Everyone helps each other with studies and academic help."

So Young K., Student

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